Office plants in Rotterdam

Are you looking for office plants in Rotterdam? Hoogendoorn Projectbeplanting is specialized in creating green and healthy offices. A green office can contribute to higher productivity, more creativity and it increases self confidence. Even more privacy and a safer workplace can be created with our plants and room dividers.

Green offices in Rotterdam


There are several options for adding green to the office in Rotterdam. Would you like a green eyecatcher? Go for a green wall full of living plants or a wall covered in moss. A more flexible solution, like a room divider filled with plants can be a great solution for flexible spaces. Are you looking for a subtle touch of green? We can also provide you with beautiful planters. 

Our specialized consultants can fit in air-purifying plants in any office! Take a look at our projects.

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Are you looking for office plants in Rotterdam?

These organizations in Rotterdam already have a green office and we are happy to create a healthy workspace for you too! Our advisors can guide you in making the right choice based on your wishes. We always make a plan for greenery that matches the design and circumstances of the room.


As research has pointed out, plants have a positive effect on people. With only one plant per two employees, you can already create healthier air. The plants can increase creativity and achieve a higher productivity. Besides that, plants are air purifying, keep the humidity at a healthy level and can help to improve acoustics. Create a green and healthier office in a way that suits you!


Hoogendoorn Projectbeplanting can add greenery to every interior. With your current interior and your wishes in our thoughts, we make a customized design. We always create a unique and appropriate design with trendy plants, natural materials and your favorite colours. A wall made out of plants, a room divider as an eye-catcher or high-quality pottery with trendy plants? Hoogendoorn Projectbeplanting creates a modern, trendy or chic green experience in any professional environment in Rotterdam.

Would you like to know more about office plants and all the possibilities? Take a look at our projects and contact us!

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