Office plants in Amsterdam


Are you looking for office plants in Amsterdam? Hoogendoorn Projectbeplanting is specialized in creating green and healthy offices. A green office can contribute to higher productivity, more creativity and it increases self confidence. Besides that, our plants and room dividers can create more privacy and a safer workplace.


If you are looking for a green eye-catcher, our green walls are the solution! Bring a bit of nature inside, the wall will give a natural atmosphere to the room. You can also go for a more flexible solution, like a room divider filled with plants.


An interior full of plants has a positive effect on people. Plants are air purifying, keep the humidity at a healthy level and can help to improve the acoustics. In other words, plants are an easy but very productive way to create a healthier office. You can already notice a difference with only 1 plant per two employees.


Hoogendoorn Projectbeplanting can add greenery to every interior. With the current interior of the office in mind and your wishes, we can create a unique and appropriate design with trendy plants and natural materials. A wall made out of plants, a room divider as an eye-catcher or high-quality pottery with trendy plants? Hoogendoorn projectbeplanting creates a modern, trendy or chic green experience in any professional environment.

Would you like to know more about all the possibilities  with office plants and the best way to add green to the office?

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Are you looking for office plants in Amsterdam?

These organizations in Amsterdam already have a green office and we are happy to create a healthy workspace for you too! Our advisors can guide you in making the right choice based on your wishes. We always make a plan for greenery that matches the design and circumstances of the room.

Green offices in Amsterdam

Improve air quality at the office with interior landscaping

Plants contribute to the improvement of air quality, resulting in a better atmosphere for working. Is has been proven that a green working environment has a positive effect on people. Being around plants and other natural elements increases concentration and productivity, reduces stress and makes employees happy! In addition to that, plants contribute to a pleasant humidity and improve acoustics in open offices.

Our specialized consultants can fit in air-purifying plants in any office! Take a look at our projects.

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Green walls and moss walls

A green wall is a space-saving and trendy alternative to office plants. Our green walls consist of real plants and give a natural and lively atmosphere to any space. Different types of plants can be used for a playful or modern effect.

Moss walls of Hoogendoorn Projectbeplanting consist of real moss!

Maintenance of office plants

Interior landscaping is at its best when maintained properly by professionals. Well-kept plants ensure a perfect ambiance in an office. Plants and maintenance are actually inseparable. Our specialists are happy to visit your organization and maintain the interior landscaping.

Do you want to know more about the options for different types of maintenance or about the cost? Contact Jelle Hoogendoorn at +31646041274 for more information.

Inspiration for interior landscaping 

For inspiration you can take a look at our projects.